Hive Mind Speak level 1


The Hive are the only sentient species of the Tenth Planet. They have amazing mindsharing abilities, which they use to form one colossal, connected mind.

They can telepathically communicate with other species as well, and this course will introduce you to Hive Mind Speak. Delivered by our guest Hive lecturer, you will learn:

  • telepathic communication protocols;
  • the lesser and greater obsequies;
  • Mind Speak knock-knock jokes.

Career outcome

Even brief contact with the Hive mind may produce mental burnout or enslavement, leading to opportunities as:

  • a vegetable (crispy);
  • a slave (creepy).
List of course presentations
Start dateEnd dateStudy modeLocation
2015-09-012016-05-20Full timePort Street, Picton
2016-09-012017-05-20Part of a full time programmePort Street, Picton
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